We are a group of volunteers devoted to finding forever homes for unwanted bully breed dogs. Our goal is to find foster and adoptive homes that are capable of providing resources, training, and care for underrepresented and misunderstood breeds. Outside of finding loving adoptive homes, we strive to present a positive image of the breed and clarify any controversy of negative stereotyping or press. 


We accept bully breed dogs

that have


...become kennel stressed out of time.

...become kennel stressed.

...have a difficult time coping with shelter environments.

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  • No salaries are paid. We rely solely on donations, foster homes and community efforts. On average we spend over $400 per dog on boarding, transportation, vetting and supplies. Please donate!


  • Everything we do is for the overbred, neglected, ignored, abused, discarded and underrepresented dog.


  • We strongly believe discrimination is WRONG.