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How to Break Up a Dog Fight: credit to Good Dog! – Safety First: How to Break Up a Dog Fight — BAY WOOF:

Some of the things humans do to stop a dog fight, like shouting and hitting, can further agitate the dogs involved. In fact, dog owners are frequently bitten when trying to break up a fight, with the redirected aggression sometimes coming from their own dog in the heat of the moment.  

If a fight has already begun do NOT: 

  • Do not grab either dog's collar or harness. 

  • Do not kick, hit, or punch. 

  • Do not grab either dog by the tail.  

  • Never put your hands near either dog's mouth. 

  • Do not place your body between two fighting dogs. 

  • Never dangle a small dog in the air. This may cause the other dog to jump and bite at you. 

  • Pepper spray is effective, but it can cause burns, and you may accidentally spray yourself or another person or dog, especially if it's windy. There are safer alternatives, such as Pet Corrector. 


How to Break Up a Dog Fight: 

Dog fights are often scary and loud, but you typically have a little more time than you think. The safest methods for breaking up a dog fight involve a hands-off approach to avoid being bitten. Here are some of the most effective methods. 

Use Water 

Use a hose, water dish, or water bottle to startle and separate the dogs. Direct the water at the aggressor. I once stopped a dog fight with a bottle of Coke. Yeah, they needed a bath, but no one was hurt.  

Block the Dog's View 

Use a jacket, towel, or blanket and throw it over the head of the aggressor. Most dogs will stop fighting as they become disoriented and cannot see the other dog. Separate them immediately after. 

Separate with a Barrier 

Find a trash can lid, a chair, a piece of wood, an open umbrella, or even a backpack or briefcase and use it as a barrier between the fighting dogs. Take care to keep your hands away. 

Use Noise 

Yelling, especially high-pitched shouting, is likely to add chaos to the scene. Instead, a loud, sharp noise will startle both dogs long enough to separate them. A can of Pet Corrector or a pressurized air horn are two good choices. I prefer carrying a marine horn (the kind you blow into) because it's smaller, and there is no chance of running out of air. These noisemakers can also be used for hazing coyotes or mountain lions. However, be aware that unexpected loud noises carry the risk that your dog may become so startled that they run away from both the fight and from you. With some time and effort, you can use a desensitization protocol for a specific noise so that your dog is less apt to startle and run off.   

Try the Wheelbarrow 

This popular technique should be a last resort as either dog may turn around and redirect a bite to you. Ideally, this requires two people working together. Each person grabs one of the dogs by the hind paws and lifts their back end into the air. The fighting dogs will be surprised and caught off-balance, giving you time to separate them. If you’re alone, wheelbarrow the aggressor by threading a leash through the dog’s hind end and lift it. You can then clip the leash to a tree or pole if possible. If one dog has latched on, push the aggressor into the dog that is being bitten; this may sound counterintuitive, but it is better than risking a tear.  

Your dog is not a bad dog because they got into a fight. They are not a bad dog even if they instigated the fight. Like people, your dog won’t like every dog they meet and conflicts may arise. Put some forethought and planning into your outings and set your dog up for success by removing them from uncomfortable situations. With careful observation of your canine pal’s behavior, most dog fights can be avoided.  

Additional Tools: 



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