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Rehoming a Pet

Where to Post:​

  • Facebook & Instagram - share, share, share as widely as you can within your own circles.

  • Run a search for 'Rehoming' pages on Facebook and you'll find the volunteers in your area who welcome and promotes posts for dogs who need new homes.

  • Craigslist - Learn how to make it work for you.

  • Home-to-Home - Your local shelter may be willing to share your ad.

  • AdoptaPet - This site will post for you.

  • NextDoor- Ask your neighbors for help!

  • Other popular places where adopters tell us they found their dogs: Classified ads, flyers on bulletins boards and word of mouth. Don't forget to post flyers on campuses, in your vet's office, laundromats, coffee shops and community bulletin boards.

Tips for Rehoming video 

Credit and resources: Rehoming a Dog | BADRAP


Dogs that are spayed, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated tend to find new homes sooner. If you are low income, please reach out to us for support on this. 

Sample Write-Up:

Lance is a 3-year-old Lab, American Pit-bull terrier mix. He is current on vaccines, neutered, house trained, crate trained and fun loving!


Lance enjoys tug-a-war, chase, and all outdoor activities. He is great with children, appears respectful and curious of dogs,unknown with cats but with his personality he would most likely adjust well. He currently resides with a senior dog and does well with him.


Lance is believed to be fully deaf, and as such does need special consideration for his safety. He does need a bit more training, and is known to chew if left unattended too long. His current owner is no longer able to properly care for him, and would love to find him a safe, loving environment where he can thrive.

Unfortunately, we don't always have space to be able to help your pet. We would more than happy to courtesy post on social media. Please send a write up and 4-6 photos to

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