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The Stand Up For Pits Foundation 

Hello Pitty Rescue has been lucky to participate in this event for the past three years. Thank you to Rebecca Corry for allowing us to be there! Learn more about the great things Stand Up For Pits does for the community: About Stand Up For Pits - Stand Up For Pits Foundation


Stand Up For Pits is a national touring comedy show. This year marks the 10 year anniversary of this life saving and desperately needed event. These events have not only helped place countless dogs in loving forever homes but they have provided important and much needed opportunities to educate people about these beautiful souls who are wrongly vilified by uneducated and irresponsible humans. Stand Up For Pits events have also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of shelter supplies for shelters nationwide, have helped grow rescues, place their dogs in loving homes and provided them opportunities to raise much needed funds. In just 2019 alone, $76,477.00 was raised by participating rescues.

Many people who regularly attend Stand Up For Pits and support the cause don’t even have pit bull type dogs or in some cases, pets of any kind. We love this because it shows how much people understand that abuse and discrimination is wrong. Whether you have two legs or four, it is wrong and it must end. To ban dogs because of what they look like and condone the genocide of innocent beings is a direct reflection of our society and a terrifying one at that. Historically, this kind of thinking is far more dangerous than any dog of any kind could ever be. The perpetuation of fear based ignorance is intolerable and shameful and it must end. Those who abuse animals will likely and most often time do go on to commit crimes against humans. If we want safer and more humane communities for humans and pets then we ALL must take action and since pit bull type dogs are the most abused dogs, lets start there.

If Stand Up For Pits does not come to your city yet or you are not able to attend, there is still plenty you can do and we all have the power to be the change we want to see. DONATE, VOLUNTEER, FOSTER, ADOPT, EDUCATE, ADVOCATE, SUPPORT SPAY and NEUTER EFFORTS. Any and all efforts matter and if everyone does their part more lives will be saved. Please join us however and whenever you can. Thank you.  

We are so excited to announce that we will be partnering with the Stand Up For Pits Foundation and North West Spay and Neuter Center to put on an Angel Spay and Neuter day happening April 27th, 2023!!! In memory of Angel, The Stand Up for Pits Foundation will be funding free spay and neuters for community members in need.
Spots are limited, so please call North West Spay and Neuter Center at 253-627-7729 or email them at to reserve your spot today!

Learn more about the amazing things that the Stand Up for Pits Foundation does for Pitbull type dogs and the community here:

Thank you Rebecca Corry for allowing us at Hello Pitty Rescue to be part of this!

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